How could LearningNetwork boost productivity for your organisation?

Nurturing productivity is crucial to success for any organisation. Inefficient systems and unproductive work processes can slow workflow down, increase costs and distract from more value adding tasks. LearningNetwork provides an L&D department with the opportunity to improve efficiency and introduce a more cost effective way to handle course booking – with the end result that productivity is increased and wasted effort and time is significantly reduced.

Why is LearningNetwork necessary?

LearningNetwork essentially acts as an invisible assistant to an L&D department. Admin tasks that are in the hands of humans are automated instead. There is a clear need for improvement when it comes to the way that many organisations handle the process of course booking. Our customers, for example, estimate that the process of making a single booking can take up to half a day when managed manually, including the sourcing, processing, finance and admin time involved.
How does LearningNetwork support productivity?

The automation of the manual process of course booking saves considerable time, effort and cost. LearningNetwork has one catalogue view for all supplier courses and there are live and daily automated feeds of catalogues so the information is always up to date and there is no need to go away and search for it. Plus, LearningNetwork automates critical workflows, for example the communication elements of course booking, as well as the booking process itself.

Putting a number on it

While every organisation is different, there are some clear financial benefits to using LearningNetwork when it comes to improving productivity and the numbers involved. In one year, LearningNetwork customers saved a total £730,000 in admin costs. According to our Managed Service Provider customers, each supplier booking can create an internal admin fee of around £85 when the processes is completed manually. So, there is a considerable financial saving to be made from integrating LearningNetwork into an existing LMS. Time is another area where savings can also be made – over the course of a single year our customers saved a total of 4,000 days of admin time.

Where does the impact on productivity come from?

Taking the pressure off the time commitment that an L&D department has to make to course booking frees up valuable resources to focus on more value added tasks that can do more for the organisation. Productivity levels within the team are improved when this element of automation is introduced, as more can be done in less time. The cost saving opportunities create additional resources that can have the effect of streamlining or creating more room for investment elsewhere to drive productivity upward. The transparency of the system is another key benefit, as information is ordered and easily available and there is a full audit trail of bookings and cancellations so no time is wasted seeking out key information.

LearningNetwork is easily integrated with an incumbent LMS and is simple and intuitive to employ and work with, from its interface through to ensuring only approved vendors are used. Contact us to find out more about what LearningNetwork could do for your L&D productivity.

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