How can your Learning Management System help you to build good KPIs and organisational objectives?

Effective knowledge management has a key role to play in helping to reach targets – and a Learning Management System is the ideal structure within which to achieve that. Ongoing evolution and improvement is the key to business growth and development and the work that training companies and departments do has a crucial role to play. Working with a Learning Management System can enable key performance indicators to be identified and objectives set in order to make targets a reality.

KPIs and measurable goals

Defining KPIs and setting measurable goals gives a workforce something to work towards, whether that’s new sales, new learning or new sign ups. Assigning these goals via a Learning Management System brings the knowledge management and strategic sides of an organisation into partnership, enabling better-informed goals to be established and offering a way of measuring and monitoring KPIs. So much energy and time is wasted when performance indicators and measurable benefits aren’t set and a Learning Management System is a simple way to overcome this.

More power to managers

Working with a Learning Management System introduces transparency and gives managers more power to enable greater learning and development. Aligning KPIs and goals, and using a Learning Management System to help reach targets, provides an easy to navigate structure that is trackable for managers and which can be used by managers to acknowledge those who have exceeded expectations. This recognition is a key part of the managerial role and is made much more effective this way.

Dedicate a space to recognition

Recognition is such an important part of motivation today and yet many businesses leave this solely in the hands of managers – or don’t really invest in it at all. It’s possible to create a space within a Learning Management System that is dedicated purely to providing recognition for those who have exceeded targets and really gone beyond the call of duty. This can have a huge impact on driving people towards achieving more and hitting those essential goals.

Making training more accessible

Formal training can be isolating, difficult to accommodate and awkward to schedule, which is one of the reasons it often has not been used that effectively in the past when it comes to enabling goal achievement. The flexible nature of a Learning Management System provides a much broader range of tools that are designed to be easier to accommodate.

Aligning training and KPIs

Sometimes the obstacles to joined up thinking are of the conceptual kind. If there is something of a disconnect between the training programmes in place and the KPIs set for the business, a Learning Management System can provide a bridge between the two.  This avoids accusations of promoting irrelevant training and introduces an opportunity for improvement. The relationship between KPIs and training is clearly defined and becomes much easier to track and evaluate.

If you’d like more information on how to use a Learning Management System to better achieve targets then we can help. At Enterprise Study we deliver award winning training administration systems that are designed to improve efficiency, effectiveness and results.

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