How can your LMS help to ensure that your contractors are working in a compliant way?

Managing your contractors is often trickier than managing your in-house team as communication can be more difficult. However, this doesn’t remove the fact that all your contractors are required to work in a compliant way, just the same as your full-time staff members. Therefore it is important to train and equip them appropriately so that they are able to work effectively and efficiently.

Could an LMS offer learning consistency?

Utilising an LMS can bring consistency within your outsourced workforce, whether these are contractors or temporary staff. It allows you to have greater control over their learning and training processes to ensure that they are prepared to work as part of your team and work according to company policies.

Compliance training courses

Using an LMS you can also supply specific compliance training courses to your contractors, either at the beginning of their time working with you, or as a refresher should they be need to get up-to-date with the latest regulations. This allows them to become more informed without wasting company time, as they have the convenience of doing this in their own time. They will be issues certificates and confirmation of the course completion, which will benefit them personally.

Tracking compliance learning

At the same time, an LMS makes it easier to track compliance learning as it can tell you as the employer the expiry dates, for your own staff as well as contractors. You can view the certification and courses completed by contractors that you’ve used previously, and generate reports to prove that they are fully up-to-date at all times.

Why is compliance important?

It is vital that your contractors work in a compliant way as it reflects on your business if they fail to meet legal requirements including data protection regulations. To avoid fines and further legal action is therefore beneficial to record all documentation regarding compliance training that can be accessed if needed and refreshed when needed.

Automatic alerts for updates

Your LMS can also alert you when updates are required for compliance training for your contractors, as well as allowing you to provide a set learning process for any new contractors to follow. For more information or to discuss your compliance and learning requirements, get in touch with Enterprise Study today on 01242 254 254.

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