How can you manage learning for your contractors and agency staff through your LMS?

Along with training your in-house staff, it is just as important to manage the learning of your contractors and agency staff who are often representing your company and brand to your customers. This will help to avoid a disjointed feeling for your customers and ensure the highest possible levels of knowledge, customer service and internal productivity.

Why manage learning for contractors?

Managing learning for contractors and agency staff helps to create an ethos of inclusion and teamwork and promotes seamless cohesion between full-time employees and those working with your company for a set or limited period of time. So how can your Learning Management System (LMS) help you to manage learning for your contractors and agency staff?

Assign specific courses and goals

Your different contractors and agency staff will have collective and shared goals, for example, specific initial learning to undertake, but there may also be specific courses and goals you want to allocate to them on an individual basis depending on their role. Your LMS allows you to control the learning that is delivered, whilst having a complete insight into the goals reached. For example, you can check that every contractor has completed basic training and in what period of time they did so, as well as then using this information to determine whether further learning should be applied at this stage.

Manage LMS for mobile

LMS can be provided in a way that is suitable for use on both desktop and mobile devices – this benefits your customers by giving them the chance to utilise your learning offerings easily on whichever device they’d prefer, but also allows your contractors and agency staff to learn in a convenient way for them.

Security and privacy under control

Managing learning for your contractors and agency staff includes ensuring that there is the highest level of security and privacy at all times. This is easier when managed internally, but utilising contractors can make this more difficult. However, each LMS can be unique and managed centrally by the administrator, as well as requiring login details and authentication where necessary, which means that your company maintains the overall visibility and management of the LMS. This gives you peace of mind that your contractors and agency staff are undertaking learning without compromising your security.

LMS for the Extended Enterprise

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