How can learning in the workplace improve confidence?

How do you improve your confidence? Confidence is complex and there is no quick fix solution for any of us. The way we feel about ourselves, and how we think we are received by the world around us, can have a huge impact on our experience of life. A lack of confidence can lead to feelings of not being able to fulfill a role, live up to expectations or complete tasks. The consequences of low confidence can be broad, from affecting personal relationships to work performance. However, for anyone who suffers from low confidence, that’s not the end of the story, as there are ways to improve the way we feel about ourselves.

Workplace learning and personal confidence

One way to begin building up personal confidence that has slumped is via workplace learning. Learning and acquiring new knowledge at work can not only help someone to feel more confident in a role but also enable them to see more potential for progress. For anyone feeling stuck, workplace learning could help with motivation and finding new opportunities by improving the way an individual feels about themselves and what they can achieve. There are three key ways in which engaging in workplace learning can give your personal confidence a boost:

A deeper understanding of the workplace, role and industry

Workplace learning provides the opportunity to go much deeper into the context surrounding what an employee does. The insights available from workplace learning will enable someone to have a better understanding of how and why things are done the way they are in the workplace. This may result in more clarity on a specific role within the business and, with increased awareness, an individual may feel more able to cope and more confident with what has been assigned to them.

Getting to know new systems or approaches

Whether it’s a new IT infrastructure or cutting edge ideas affecting the whole industry, learning can help anyone to embrace constant change in the workplace. From the ability to apply new thought processes to current challenges, to being able to fully utilise new systems and tech to get the most from existing skills and experience, workplace learning provides many opportunities to boost confidence and increase confidence.

Identifying new opportunities

Workplace learning may give someone the confidence to explore new paths for their career to create more satisfaction in what they do every day and improve the way they feel about themselves and their life. It may result in discovering a new aspect to an existing role or sector that someone really excels at and providing the motivation to build more opportunities in to working life to explore this new strength. With a greater understanding of topics and tasks, individuals may find the confidence to innovate, to speak up and make suggestions, and to identify ways in which the job that they do – and the business that they work for – could expand and grow.

These are just a few of the ways in which workplace learning can have a positive impact on personal confidence. Get in touch with Enterprise Study today to find out more about how you can increase learning in the workplace.

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