How can a Learning Management System benefit public sector organisations?

The public sector is often a difficult place to be with increasingly complex operating requirements, expanding policy objectives and factors such as rapid social change and fast paced innovation putting pressure on existing systems. At the same time, budgets are shrinking and the heaviness of cost efficiency is everywhere. It’s essential that productivity remains high under these pressures, service and standards are met and talent stays within the sector. While there are many obstacles for public sector organisations to navigate, there are ways to simplify process and find new perspectives. Investing in the right learning development platform can help drive these efficiencies whilst retaining talent and ensuring workforce compliance with best practice.

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Innovative and designed to support internal systems and processes, this kind of platform delivers learning, compliance and talent management tools to support organisations. From hospital trusts, to councils, educational institutions to organisations handling homelessness, there are many advantages to incorporating a learning development platform into existing organisational infrastructures.

Why consider an LMS?

Efficiency and optimisation are organisational goals within both the public and private sector. Public scrutiny ensures public sector organisations often find themselves labelled inefficient, as compared to the private sector, there is plenty of scope for improvement with a learning development platform. In particular, this type of structure can create the following changes:

  • End to end management – introducing complete management of learning and training in one single location
  • Automation – the ability to take the simpler and, often more time consuming, tasks and automate them.
  • Feedback and insight – knowledge is power and organisations that can see the benefit of new learning and training initiatives, as well as where the most problematic areas are have a considerable advantage.

The benefits of a learning development platform for public sector organisations

Given the increased accountability requirements that many public sector organisations have, as well as the need to deliver ongoing learning and training, a learning development platform can make a big difference. The benefits of incorporating this type of asset are numerous. They include:

  • Encourages employee engagement with automated compliance reminders and warnings ensure managers and learners are abreast of their skills and expiry dates, helping organisations meet regulatory requirements.
  • Real-time organisational oversight of your workforce compliance
  • Instantly accessible real-time reports across provide insight into the various components and processes of the organisation
  • Linking up all essential elements – everything from course booking, to evaluation and reporting comes under the learning development platform umbrella, providing an opportunity for a more consistent and interconnected approach
  • Capacity and demand control – the ability to see true demand allows resources to be better managed
  • Enhanced collaboration and skill sharing within the workforce through social features
  • Supports a 70:20:10 learning model with traditional, coaching and mentoring tools to encourage blended learning approaches.
  • Reduced insurance premiums by enabling robust compliance matrixes and statistics
  • Significant administration reduction by automation of communication, notifications and simple reporting
  • Allows organisational targets and goals to drive learning provision through evaluation, ROI and performance features.
  • Encourages CPD and structured performance development

If you’d like more information about how we might be able to help your organisation use a learning development platform to access benefits such as these please get in touch.

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