HELP!! The wonders of our support helpdesk…

At Enterprise Study, we are firm believers that when a customer purchases our software, the support we give, both in the beginning, and throughout their time with us should be unlimited, top quality, and most importantly – delivered with a smile. So it’s safe to say that we don’t just love you and leave you!

But what separates us from the rest?

Many of us have fallen victim to being on hold over the phone for hours on end (I endured a loop of Ronan Keating’s ‘Life is a Rollercoaster’ the last time I rang an energy company), trying desperately to get through to customer support which usually turns out to be based somewhere in Outer Mongolia. Or, worse, receiving an automated email response to a query telling you to wait up to another 300 working days for a solution whilst you bang your head repeatedly against the monitor…

However, because we know how frustrating that can be, we make it our mission to do it differently, and much better. Our small and friendly UK-based bunch are always at the end of the phone and guarantee to give a same-day response to customer emails, even if the support issue can’t be resolved there and then.

Though who are the ‘small and friendly bunch’ that we speak of? Well allow me to introduce them…

First in the spotlight is David Stone. He joined the team back in 2011 with a passion for problem solving and guiding customers through the system to ensure that they get the best possible return on their investments. When he’s not doing that, he’s a pro-wrestler, an excellent drawer and a regular gig go’er. David is on the first line of support along with his co-star and next door desk buddy, Paul Burford.

Paul has been with us since April 2013 and also enjoys helping customers to solve those niggling little support issues. Aside from being a technology enthusiast, he’s also a dab hand at interior design, the best hot chocolate maker in the office and a HUGE Lady Gaga fan.

Paul and David

David and Paul

Our customers know them well, and vice versa. In fact, if Paul and David don’t know what some of our customers are having for their dinner that night, and what their plans are for the weekend, then they aren’t doing their job well enough! But it’s a dead cert that there will be laughter every day from the support corner of the room – we’re a team with a great sense of humour.

In terms of getting down to the nitty gritty of the support queries, no question is ever too stupid and we try to put things into Layman’s terms as best we can. As the lovely Marilyn Prowse from St Luke’s Hospice said in our recent client testimonial video – we don’t treat people like numpties!

Behind the scenes

There’s a lot that goes on in the background in support aside from corresponding with our customers. For starters, we log and report on every support issue that comes through – from straightforward queries dealt with instantly, to those that need a little more investigation. This is all processed through an internal software system that Paul and David are seasoned professionals at using – the TFS (aka Team Foundation Server).

When logging an issue it’s always best if we can get as much information as possible from the first point of contact. For instance, we can tell a lot from a good looking screenshot! It helps us identify the problem much easier and it helps our customers to get on their merry way, leaving the issue in capable hands.

As soon as an issue is logged, we make sure to send a reference number to our customers so that they can check up on its progress at any time, whilst knowing that it is being dealt with promptly by an actual human being.

If in the event Paul and David can’t solve the issue immediately, it’s then escalated onto our 2nd line of support: Ryan (a coding whizz and office jester!) and then if further work is needed it will be passed onto the 3rd line of support: Dean and John (the even ‘whizzier’ coders!).

More than just a support helpdesk

Our team isn’t made up of robots; the guys are approachable human beings with bags of personality who love to get to know our customers and, in many cases, ‘virtually’ befriend them.

So that’s our support helpdesk in a nutshell. A small, but mighty bunch who are always ready to help. Though if you still don’t believe us, here’s what some of our wonderful customers said in our customer satisfaction survey…

‘ES really are a flagship company for customer service.’ – Christian McGrath, Bradford College

‘I have been happy with the support team and how quickly they have dealt with issues arising and then explaining them to me as an ES novice.’ – Rachel Knowles, Quanta Training

‘I’ve found everyone at ES such a pleasure to work with. They’re friendly, patient – and eager for feedback.’ – Jonny Reynolds, Happy Computers

‘The people at ES that we deal with are always friendly, helpful and accommodating.’ – Kevin Nash, Capita

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