Enterprise Study are on the Digital Marketplace Gcloud 7

I am delighted to inform you that Enterprise Study are now listed on the government procurement portal G-Cloud

Public Sector bodies can use this recently refreshed Digital Marketplace to procure the most up to date, innovative cloud solutions.

Transforming performance for Training Departments and Training Companies. The Enterprise Study suite of software and consultative approach ensures Business Improvement for training departments and those providing learning outside of their own enterprise. We will assist you in gaining commercial results and increased profitability through automation and data analysis.

Enterprise Study are a Digital Maketplace GCloud approved SaaS supplier providing the following solutions:

eLMS – How do your staff love to learn? Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers classroom, video, eLearning, virtual, games, supervisions, coaching & Mentor or you can blend them all together. Analyse the Return on Investment (ROI) of your training and your LMS through our integrated evaluation feature, providing analysis to Kirkpatrick level 4.

Training Administration System (TAS) – Set up and manage multiple customers (and even allow them to self-service). This module provides full financial visibility, not only can you make money but you can also keep a closer vigil on your profit and loss and become your own commercial enterprise.

Verification & Policy Manager – Dust off the rubber stamps and evidence correct practice by managing adherence to company policies, or confirming external qualifications.

Vital Revalidation – The revalidation tool to help Nurses and Midwives gather and maintain the evidence required to comply with the NMC’s Code of Professional Standards. Vital is a flexible solution that can be tailored to any regulatory industry standards.

For none NHS organisations – If your staff have CPD requirements to uphold and you’d like a ePortfolio solution that allows you to see organisational progressions as well as keeping your staff engaged with their CPD please contact us for a cost effective yet tailored solution.

Call us for more information and to find out who each of these solutions can save you time, money and make you more efficient.

To find us on the G-Cloud service, please follow these links:

Learning Management System

Training Administration System (TAS)

Verification & Policy Manager

Vital Revalidation

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The goal of Enterprise Study is to make it easy for buyers and sellers of training to transact in harmony, in a cost effective way. We continually innovate, whilst already delivering a powerful suite of learning, compliance and talent management tools to support organisations of all sizes.