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Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Enterprise Study? About who it is creating new functions in the system, customising existing functions, making sure everything runs smoothly, fixing issues, making the tea, answering the phone, bringing in the biscuits, dealing with client care, managing implementation, or working on development requests?

In addition to the little biographies already on the site, this is the first in a series of slightly more detailed introductions to our team. Today, it’s the turn of David Haines, our in house tester. Click below to learn more about David, including what he did before he worked at Enterprise Study, what his expertise is, and what all the items in his desk photo tell us about him…and keep a look out for future Q&A sessions with other members of the Enterprise Study team!

Meet The Team

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About Us

The goal of Enterprise Study is to make it easy for buyers and sellers of training to transact in harmony, in a cost effective way. We continually innovate, whilst already delivering a powerful suite of learning, compliance and talent management tools to support organisations of all sizes.