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Written by Josh, Business Admin Apprentice, ES

Where did we volunteer?

On Monday 26th March, the team at Enterprise Study participated in a volunteering day down at Stroud Court Community Trust, who provide lifelong, residential support for up to 39 autistic adults. Stroud Court have a very unique offering, with beautiful scenery and environment which provided a very warm and accepting atmosphere.

What did we do?

With weather on our side, we arrived at 9:30am to the Trust, and the team there provided us an entire table of pastries and drinks, before giving us a warming speech about autism and what their objectives are. Moreover, we were also greeted by some excited residents who were very keen and happy to see us.

The Trust benefits from a small amount of volunteering from Nailsworth Rotary Club, who guided us through our duties for the day. Having been briefed and given a tour around the site, we were offered a number of jobs in gardening and painting. The team split up into groups and proceeded to paint fences, weed and turn over flower beds. I chose to paint the fences, which belong to the residents’ houses, so giving them some appealing touches felt very rewarding. These tasks were separated into two parts with a provided lunch break in between. The food was delightful.

Soon after we let our lunch settle down, we were shown another part of the Trust which was beautiful for the residents, a big open meadow with wildlife and a little river running through it. The people who run the Trust showed us other tasks they needed doing to help benefit the residents such as: filling in holes so they don’t trip; picking up sticks so they don’t panic over an unexpected noise; and assisting in the sensory garden. We split into groups and carried on painting and gardening until mid-afternoon, at which point everything looked brilliant and we were pleased to have made a small, positive contribution to the Trust. We ended the day with a group photo involving the ES Team and volunteers from the Nailsworth Rotary Club.

Below is a picture of the seedlings the residents planted, ready for the flower beds that we tidied up.

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