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It’s all about Appraisals at Enterprise Study

We are approaching our Appraisal cycle and now that I have been in post as MD for 6 months I feel as though the process we currently have needs refreshing and improving. But I know from experience this is not a process that should be rushed or implemented without proper planning.

The change is timely

We are launching our enhanced Appraisal and Talent Management system in April and this is therefore a good time for the company to be utilising our own system and taking our appraisal process on-line.

And what an online Appraisal System it is!

In addition to the previous features list which included:

  • Multiple appraisal templates dependant on job role.
  • The ability to define organisational and individual objectives.
  • Automated reminders to appraiser and appraisee.
  • Automatic pull through of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Personal Development Plans (PDP) using the ES LMS.

We now also have:

  • The ability for self-rating as well as appraise rating.
  • A highly configurable template to allows for organisational language and structure i.e. values, behaviours, competencies, objectives, goals, knowledge.
  • Nine-box grid Talent matrix plotted against defined criteria e.g. behaviours and competence.
  • The ability to feedback on the appraisal process.
  • Sliding scale scoring, e.g. met, not yet met, competent, not competent.

With all these features at hand I know I have the tools in place to create a robust, measurable and successful performance process for the organisation. What I now need to do is ensure that the behaviours, and competencies, mirror and support our organisational values and the job roles that we have and require. I want to ensure that appraisal isn’t something that simply ticks a box but is positive for the employee, for the company and for our strategy. That’s why this is a process that can’t be rushed, and it’s also a process that needs the key Stakeholders involved, and representatives from all levels of the organisation.

To ensure any new process is embedded successfully communication is key. And so that is where I will start. I’m no HR expert, so I will call on the experience of those that are, I will ensure key stakeholders and company representatives are involved along the way, and I will ensure the appraisals are undertaken successfully by ensuring those acting as appraisers have the proper training.
Luckily I have a system that can support this and will hopefully help grow the business and the careers of our employees.

The ES Appraisal and Talent Management Solution can be purchased as a cloud based stand-alone appraisal system for your employees, or as part of our LMS solution.  Its simple to use while still being robust and flexible enough to cope with almost any appraisal process.
For more information please call the team on 01242 254 254. We’d love to talk to you!

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