Does workplace environment really impact your employees’ motivation levels?

A positive working environment can help to improve staff engagement and motivation, generating better results and a healthier atmosphere to work in. Physical surroundings, as well as the way that staff are managed, will both contribute to the kind of workplace environment that your business has. Dedicating time and resources to ensuring that your workforce is existing in a positive environment can give your business longevity and fix issues with focus and performance.

The tangible environment

An open office design

The benefits of removing the physical barriers between staff – and between management and staff – have been repeatedly debated. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that a more open plan office environment nurtures collaboration and helps to encourage communication and teamwork. Management are accessible and employees feel involved and valued. There is no “closed door” policy, which can be the result of having members of the team shut away in offices and often leaves teams divided and disjointed.

A supportive environment

The impact of physical comfort on employees while at work should not be underestimated. Problems with furniture, a lack of natural light or cluttered and oppressive spaces, for example, can make staff feel undervalued and demotivated. Lumbar supporting chairs, plenty of natural light and a workstation that is fit for purpose will all be key.

A stimulating space

Creativity is one of the hardest things to nurture in a workforce – but one of the most valuable to any business. The physical environment you create for your staff can have a big impact and is worth investing in. Look at business such as Facebook and Google where everything from gardens, to table tennis and chill out zones feature as part of the office design.

The intangible environment

Employee engagement

Engaged employees will always go one step further for the business and will be the foundation of a positive business environment. Creating engagement is a combination of many different factors, including providing regular feedback, adequate benefits and daily challenges. Opportunities for employees to grow, learn and advance their skills and experience will also be key, which is why training is so crucial to the modern working environment.

A culture that stimulates

Your business culture will have a big influence over how your employees perform. Is teamwork fundamental to the way your business operates, is group thinking prioritised and are employees encouraged to share, feed off each other and speak up if they have new ideas, no matter how tenuous they may initially seem?

Prioritising communication

A positive environment requires 360-degree communication, with staff who feel able to feed back to managers, to suggest and to create, and managers who keep staff in the loop. Trust is crucial to employee motivation and this is hard to achieve if employees are constantly being fed corporate spin about the business, as opposed to being trusted and involved. Honest and open communication throughout the business is the foundation of creating a workplace in which all employees can thrive.

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