Could you make your learning a profit centre by making it available to the Extended Enterprise?

Technology is now increasingly at the forefront of the extended enterprise learning sector, allowing organisations to offer training outside of their company. Many businesses are choosing to explore this possibility as a way of increasing profits and sharing knowledge, but could you turn your learning department into a profit centre by making it available to the Extended Enterprise?

Whether you want to train non-employees in order to promote knowledge share, or to simply make the most of your learning content provision, offering training to the extended enterprise – to dealers, suppliers, resellers, channel distribution partners and franchisees – can drive profitability within an organisation and help it to grow. So, what is necessary to make this a reality?

Start with the specifics

Firstly you need to decide the learning goals that you want to implement and the audience you are targeting. This can be determined through research or small trials to see which ideas hold the most potential for profitability but also best match what you are able to offer. Once you’ve established your target audience, creating small trials can help to assess how well you are addressing the needs of users.

You’ll also want to decide on the mechanism of training – elearning, face to face, webinars, or a blend of all of these. And you’ll need a mechanism to distribute the learning to the desired audience.

Utilise and optimise for technology

Although some learners will access your course through their desktop, more and more people are choosing to use hand-held mobile devices or tablets, so if you can offer learning opportunities optimised for mobile use, this will appeal to a larger learner group and potentially increase your sales. You could even offer different varieties of content which is optimised for use on different devices. More users are now looking to measure and engage with their learning, from personal targets to reminding them that there are new content or assignments available, all of this helps your users to assess their progress and drive income for you as organisations begin to revisit your training with new staff members or make recommendations.

Enterprise Study

Enterprise Study’s solutions make it easier for companies to make their learning a profit centre by combining ecommerce, learning management and training administration software and making it available to the extended enterprise. It also makes training much easier to book, pay for and align with your requirements if you are looking as a customer for training courses and resources.
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