Could automation tools reduce repetitive admin tasks within your business?

Automation has the potential to improve business systems and processes for organisations all over the world. It is already established as a bona fide digital trend and is picking up steam as the positive impact of integrating automation into an existing business infrastructure becomes better known. If you’re looking to cut out some of the more repetitive and less productive tasks within your own business then using automation could be a key tool.

What is automation?

The International Society for Automation defines automation as “the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.” In the context of a training administration system that could relate to a wide range of functions, from sending notifications about start dates through to the distribution of course materials. The ISA definition is drawn from the more traditional use of automation in industry but this is a function that is now being widely used across many sectors, from digital marketing through to learning and development.

What kind of tasks can you apply automation to?

Essentially anything that doesn’t require a (human) thought process but a series of predictable steps. If it’s an admin task that can be programmed then automation can take over the role of the human being in terms of making it happen.

Why is automation beneficial?

In the ongoing quest for every organisation to be more efficient and productive, automation has a key role to play. It’s particularly useful in smaller enterprises where there simply may not be the staff to delegate tasks to and so everything is being handled by a condensed team. There are many ways in which automation can play a part in making life easier:

Handling repetitive tasks such as sending out reminders so that you don’t have to schedule and send these yourself.

  • Freeing up human time to work on tasks that add more value to the business, such as creative strategy or face-to-face interaction.
  • Improving productivity by achieving more with little or no additional effort required from you.
  • Introducing an element of total reliability – if you’re using automation then things aren’t going to get forgotten and everything is going to go out on time.
  • Improvements in service. When you start automating the more repetitive admin jobs you can see a considerable improvement in service with more consistent and productive results from even the simplest and seemingly least important tasks.
  • Cost reduction. Automation takes the menial jobs out of the hands of the person whose time is worth the most and puts it in the hands of technology. It may mean that you need to spend less time yourself or that you can use staff you have in more productive ways.

Automation is an integral part of the products that we offer, which are designed to be more efficient and easy to use.

If you’d like more information on how our training administration systems could make your life easier please get in touch with Enterprise Study today on 01242 254 254.

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