Championing CPD and Building workforce excellence

Ongoing learning is crucial to building workforce excellence and ensuring that everyone gets the most from the jobs that they do. In many professions, CPD also plays a key role in progressing on to higher levels of achievement and qualification, for example in healthcare, accountancy or law. The process of administering and managing CPD – and keeping track of it – is made much easier with an LMS designed to do just that.

What is CPD?

In theory, it is any activity you do in a professional context that results in continued learning and development. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the wide range of formal courses on offer but could be made up of a combination of structured training and other activities.

Why is CPD important?

Across many professions, CPD provides crucial evidence of ongoing development of skills and experience. It also ensures that someone practicing in a fast changing profession, such as healthcare, is up to date with all the latest advances and developments. This provides many professionals with up to date tools to safely and thoroughly carry out their work, in addition to years of formal training. CPD also has a role to play in job satisfaction, providing the opportunity to get deeper into a topic and to explore those parts of a sector that are of real interest. CPD may also be a standard that must be upheld in order to retain a registration that allows a professional to work, for example in the practice of law.

How does an LMS help with building workforce excellence

CPD is crucial to developing workforce intelligence but it is also an administration heavy process that can feel like an additional burden on top of an already busy daily workload. Dated lists of activities must be kept to provide evidence of what has been done, along with evidence such as case logs and case studies and statements of activities. There are also considerations of confidentiality when it comes to CPD – although detailed descriptions are required as proof of CPD, the potential exposure of confidential information poses a serious risk. Whether you’re an employer looking to make it easier for your workforce to manage CPD so that it doesn’t interfere in other activities – or an employee – an LMS has a lot to offer when it comes to building workforce excellence via positive CPD management.

  • Password access – one log in provides access to everything already collated.
  • A more environmentally friendly option – all information previously entered is stored electronically in one place. No need for paper files and notes.
  • Logging CPD is easy – the LMS leads the user through the process as soon as the user is logged in.
  • Security and confidentiality – data in the LMS is held securely, restricted in terms of access and poses much less risk to businesses and individuals than paper notes and records.

Enterprise’s LMS System is unique

These are just a few of the benefits of working with an LMS for CPD, however our LMS is unique as it has an in-build ePortfolio for users logging CPD, which is a rare attribute. This offering is a great way to support employees. Additionally, its critical that the ePortfolio data is downloadable, ensuring that users can take it with them if they move on from the organisation, without compromising on data protection compliance.

If you’d like to find out more about how an LMS can simplify the process of logging and managing CPD, contact a member of our team today.

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