Building a Business Case for a Training Administration System (TAS)

Seven steps to success!

Implementing a functional back-office Training Administration System (TAS) into a training organisation can bring huge benefits. This white paper outlines 7 steps that can be used when building a business case for TAS technology investment and helps mitigate the risks involved with supplier and software selection. The same principles can be adopted for any technology investment aimed at process improvement.


The 24th June 2016 sent a shockwave across Great Britain when its population decide to vote to exit the EU. The knock-on effect to business and the economy is yet to be seen but it is likely that in this time of uncertainty businesses, although looking to take advantage of technology investments in order to grow, will become cautious about these investments. It is clear now more than ever that technology investments must deliver value to business and this value must be proven, continual and transparent.

In order to analyse this value and eventually calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) the business needs take time in building a business case that will ultimately determine whether the investment is practical, detail the framework for measuring ROI and define any potential risks.

Building a Business Case for a Training Administration System


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The 7 steps included in this whitepaper will ensure you have considered all factors within the selection process, that you have considered and mitigated risks and that you get the Stakeholder buy-in you require to proceed.

Contents of this white paper include:

1. Stating the Business Challenge
2. Business Benefits
3. Risks of Implementation
4. Change Management Initiatives
5. Cost Analysis
6. Measuring the potential ROI
7. Recommending the preferred solution

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