Are your health and safety processes robust enough?

The 2015/16 HSE reports showed a number of interesting statistics around health and safety…

The number of people who have died, sustained an injury, or experienced illness at work are high – click the infographic below to see more detail. In addition to this already distressing number, the costs to employers caused by those injuries and illnesses were last recorded at over £14 million.

So, considering that the HSE and COPFS prosecuted 696 cases, and secured at least one conviction in 660 of those (a 95% conviction rate), making sure your health and safety procedures are as robust as possible should be a clear priority.

What best practice should you have as an employer?

* provide beneficial, effective learning for staff
* set up alerts for recurrent training or qualification dates
* record and report on compliance – quickly and easily, ready for audits

Our systems help with all of this. They allow clients to become more vigilant, more pro-active, and more effective with all areas of their training processes, especially those relating to health and safety or compliance.

H&S Processes

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