8 benefits to using an LMS

Using an LMS can help to generate return on your learning and training investment, improve results and create a better experience for users too. It is a simple and effective way to structure development in any organisation. Investing in an LMS provides a number of key benefits.

1. Blended learning and bespoke programmes

Using an LMS centralises everything connected to learning, from eLearning, through to face-to-face, to resources such as documents and videos – all in one place. Content, schedules and achievement data are consolidated within the LMS to make it much easier to streamline and organise learning. As the LMS data is stored in the cloud, access is simple and not restricted to a desktop in one location, and access to different elements allows you to create a bespoke programme that works best for your learning requirements.

2. Learning accessibility

One of the major advantages of an LMS is that it is accessible to anyone with the right login credentials. So, learners can use the LMS at a time that is convenient to them, wherever they are and whatever device they are using to access it. This makes investment in learning more effective as learners can progress and work on key skills and competencies in between official learning sessions.

3. Data compliance and analytics

Rules and laws change on a regular basis and any could have an impact on your business. An LMS makes it simple to integrate necessary changes that will ensure the way you handle data and individual information, for example, is up to the minute compliant. At the same time, an LMS can also work to your strategic advantage as a business, as it enables you to facilitate learning within your budget and course requirements, but also measures the results of this to determine whether it has reached your goal. This allows you to decide whether your current approach is worthwhile or if you may need to try different learning methods for a better ROI.

4. Reducing learning related costs

The organisational element of an LMS inevitably makes learning more cost effective by reducing time spent on organisation and planning. It can also be a more effective way to deliver learning, reducing the need to pay for physical materials or for individual instructors. Instead, the necessary lessons and learning are very effectively delivered via the LMS at a fraction of the price.

5. Tracking goals and milestones

Measuring progress is a key part of learning, as is keeping track of what has been achieved so far. Using an LMS makes it simple to see what an individual learner has covered and what kind of results they’ve produced from what they have done. This data is essential for scheduling learning and training to ensure nothing is missed, and also to identify areas where improvement is required.

6. Non-official learning partnered with learning models

An LMS is ideal for those looking for more structured learning, as it can facilitate specific models such as the 70:20:10 model, which creates a learning template to learn 70% from experience, 20% through others, and 10% through set courses and programmes. However, LMS is not only great for those looking for set models, as it can also facilitate more bespoke methods such as peer reviews and monitoring, as well as other non-official learning methods.

7. Enabling learner choice for better results

Giving learners access to an LMS often produces better results by providing control over how people learn. A simple to use interface gives learners a way to pick and choose how they move forward, to monitor their own progress and to focus on the information that is actually required for that individual to move forward. Enabling learner choice is motivational and learners are much more likely to stick to, and succeed at, LMS supported learning.

8. A flexible learning approach

With an LMS it’s simple to add elements, courses and modules at the click of a button. Modifications can be made, updates added and materials deployed as and when required, creating a truly flexible learning approach. There are many benefits to using an LMS, both operationally and in terms of learner performance. If you’ve not yet made the move to using an LMS, or are looking to update your current processes, get in touch with Enterprise Study today to find out more.

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