5 ways that using your LMS for compliance training is beneficial

Companies across different industries deal with a wide range of different regulations globally. Keeping up to date with these is important in order to remain fully compliant and therefore, regularly reviewing your training is a great way to manage this. Did you know that using your LMS can be beneficial for regulatory compliance training?

Preparing your company for audits

Only 1/3 of low-performance organisations and 2/3 of high-performance organisations are actually ready and prepared for any compliance audit that they may face. During any compliance audit, training records are often reviewed, and your LMS can play a huge part in demonstrating that each of your staff members is trained to full compliance and up-to-date with the latest regulations. It can also showcase their personal competencies or any certifications that they have worked towards.

Tracking and updating operating procedures

Internal operating procedures should also be explained and learned within your compliance training for your employees. Using your LMS allows you to provide consistent advice and tasks to complete, as well as tracking the progress of each employee’s learning in this area. This helps to ensure complete compliance throughout your organisation, which demonstrates security and dedication to your customers.

Easy-access electronic training records

Training records are essential to demonstrate compliance training, and your LMS can provide this in this documentation in electronic form. This has a number of benefits including automatic recording of training completion at each stage, so all documentation will be there to access. It also means that data is kept up to date and in order, as well as personalised for each user where needed. Any changes made can be seen as well as who made the changes and when, which is useful information to be able to show during an audit. At the same time, managing your compliance training electronically can save time, costs and allow for better risk management.

Validated software

Your LMS itself should be validated for intended use, and therefore you can carry use it to facilitate your compliance training knowing that the software itself is secure and compliant. It means you can use it with peace of mind and clear management over all of your training, in compliance and other areas of your business.

Greater functionality and detail

LMS for compliance training offers better integration and functionality to allow easier auditing and reporting processes. Using an LMS to for your compliance training can ensure that every stage is completed in order, and no details are missed. All information is stored electronically, reducing the risk of any information being lost.

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