5 tips to help prepare for NMC Revalidation

Revalidating with the NMC needn’t be difficult, but it will require some organisation and planning for the individual, supported where possible by their employer. We would advise all Nurses and Midwives to get ready for NMC Revalidation by following the below easy steps:

  1. Enrol with the NMC online to get your individualised revalidation date at: nmc.org/revalidation. Read the NMC information provided; It contains important information about who you may select as your confirmer and who to have your reflective discussions with. Although the information is lengthy it is informative and not complicated.
  2. Note your revalidation date. Start collecting evidence now in preparation, identify your confirmer and think about your reflective discussions; will you require different people for these roles?
  3. Capture your evidence, including regular reflections and discussions. Use the NMC templates and simple one-sided A4 sheets or use an online revalidation portfolio tool, such as Vital, that mirrors the NMC templates and keeps your portfolio safe and secure online.
  4. Talk about the practicalities of revalidation with your colleagues and line manager so you can set up mutually supportive processes for reflective discussion and confirmation
  5. You’ll need to make your own revalidation declaration online at the NMC site. This can be done up to 60 days before your specified revalidation date.

Nurses and midwives are required by the NMC to revalidate every three years in order to continuously develop their skills, keep informed on improving standards and understand the ever-changing needs of the public. This will typically include:

  • 450 hours of practice
  • 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Five pieces of practice-related feedback
  • Five reflections and discussions
  • A health and character declaration
  • A professional indemnity arrangement
  • Third party confirmation

Vital, by Enterprise Study provides all the support and reporting required for individuals, managers, confirmers and organisations. Build using NMC templates, and designed in partnership with Oxford University Hospitals and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. For more information talk to the vital team on 01242 254 254


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