5 problems that Extended Enterprise training can avoid

Extended Enterprise training is increasingly being viewed as the solution to issues such as avoiding problems with brand reputation and ensuring that everyone the business works with is on the same page. It is an opportunity to push your own knowledge and standards through the business’ extended network, including suppliers, partners and affiliates. Doing this can create better working relationships and also helps to avoid some key issues, including:

Customer dissatisfaction

Problems with customer service or delivery of – or information about – products can be very problematic for a business. Extended Enterprise training works to ensure that people have the right information at the right time and that everyone within your Extended Enterprise gets the same education on your company’s products or services. This minimises the potential for misunderstandings or misconceptions and helps to give everyone better insight into what your brand is about. This, in turn, means that customers can be properly supported and will go away with a positive impression of your business.


When accidents occur in the supply chain it can create a lot of chaos, relationships may end up soured and there may even be financial implications for the business. One of the key benefits of Extended Enterprise training is ensuring that industry and business standards, such as healthy and safety, are absorbed right across your network. The opportunity to educate partners and affiliates and ensure compliance can help to avoid a situation in future where people or property have been damaged as a result of a lack of understanding.

Legal issues

There are many ways in which legal problems might arise for your business, whether that’s a personal injury claim, breach of copyright or breach of contract. Although there is no 100% guarantee of avoiding problems like this, Extended Enterprise training has a big role to play in minimising the number of potentially explosive legal conflicts your business might find itself tangled up in. Risk is reduced because all your vendors and suppliers are on the same page and working from the same set of facts.


Compliance is a crucial part of every day business across numerous regulated sectors, such as construction, retail, energy and transportation. When you fall behind on compliance then there are risks to health and safety and also the potential for significant fines. Extended Enterprise training ensures that compliance content is delivered and that compliance can be verified if a situation such as an audit arises.

Bringing the brand name into disrepute

It doesn’t take much for brand damage to occur these days and if you’re operating within a relatively large network of people then there are plenty of ways that this can happen. Extended Enterprise training helps to strengthen branding and ensure that the brand profile is being consistently maintained. It also allows businesses to pre-empt potentially brand damaging issues, draw attention to them and give everyone the tools to prevent them occurring.

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