3 ways that LearningNetwork could reduce your training overheads

LearningNetwork is a visionary new approach to the process of procuring and booking professional training courses for your business. It is an e-commerce technology platform specifically designed to link up the procurement and ongoing management of courses to enable organisations to reduce overheads and introduce a more efficient handling process.

How does LearningNetwork operate?

Important to note is the fact that LearningNetwork is easy to integrate with an incumbent LMS. There is no complex set up required and no investment in ancillary software support. It gives users access to an automated procurement channel that is tailored to the internal authorisation processes within the business and also integrates the details of relationships, such as discounts that have been agreed with suppliers. Via LearningNetwork it’s possible to see a consolidated view of course catalogues that have been selected from approved vendors and to then use the platform’s centralised self-service booking process to procure from those course vendors.

How does LearningNetwork reduce training overheads?

1. Cutting back on administration

The key feature of LearningNetwork is that the technology platform uses a lot of automation. This is proven to be time saving and helps to reduce the need for an extensive team to manage the process of procuring and booking professional training courses. Automation can be integrated at multiple points within the booking and procurement process, such as line manager approval. This reduces the number of humans who need to be involved in what is actually a very simple process, as well as reducing the potential for errors, or delays as a result of requests etc that have yet to be actioned. Our Managed Service Provider customers estimate each supplier booking costs them £85 in internal admin fees if undertaken not using LearningNetwork.

2. Reducing the need for supplier contact

LearningNetwork saves both time and money with respect to course booking, as there is no need to continuously call suppliers to check the details of courses and their availability. All the information required is automatically fed into the centralised system and available at the fingertips of those using it. LearningNetwork also eliminates the possibility of unauthorised courses or suppliers being accidentally booked and leading to mistaken commitments that can be expensive and time consuming to undo.

3. Improving workforce productivity

The plain fact is that course booking and administration can generate a lot of time consuming tasks. For example, our customers estimate that each booking takes up to half a day to process, including tasks such as sourcing, admin, processing and finance time if the process is undertaken manually. That’s half a day of staff time that could be spent on more productive and value adding tasks. LearningNetwork provides organisations with the opportunity to put the mundane, repetitive and admin work in the hands of a highly competent technology platform in order to leave room for productivity to thrive and your team focused on the tasks that benefit from human attention.

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